Golf Club, Carimate

1958 - 1961
1958 - 1961

Vico Magistretti

Guido Veneziani


Pierluigi Mancinelli (progetto del campo da golf)


Associazione dilettantistica Golf Club di Carimate

manufacturing technology

Windows: metal, painted red and black, with wooden shutters, painted white

Façade: white plaster; exposed concrete fascias

Roof: multiple staggered roofs

Load-bearing structure: reinforced brickwork; exposed iron columns, painted dark red

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The Golf Club Carimate was part of a much bigger allotment plan launched in the mid-fifties by the Società Generale Immobiliare di Roma in the framework of a plan to protect the vegetation in Parco Arnaboldi Cazzaniga. The sports facility respected precise restrictions regarding the constructible zone, maximum heights of the buildings, and cladding materials. As part of this general project, Magistretti and Veneziani focused on the construction of the Club House, the design of the green areas, golf courses, tennis courts, riding arena, swimming pool, and admin buildings.

The Club House is the hub of this extensive project: an L-shaped block positioned in such a way so as to save the centuries-old trees in the lot and accommodate the unevenness of the terrain. The club house has three groups of changing rooms for the golfers, a secretariat, a restaurant with scenic terraces overlooking the green area, and a reading room; there is another group of changing rooms (reserved for those who practice other sports) in a building to the west of the club house. The pathway between the different areas follows the pattern already used by Magistretti for Casa Arosio in Arenzano: a series of floors that gently rise from the level of the entrance to the restaurant. The same architectural model inspired the glass openings at the corners; the juxtaposition of the volumes recalls the lesson of the Raumplan by Loos, while the use of shutters is reminiscent of traditional Mediterranean housing.

The interiors are instead based on a rigid dimensional grid created by the interaxis between the iron columns of the structure positioned 186 centimetres apart; this measurement corresponds to the plan of the fixed furnishings. One of the first versions of the very famous "Carimate" chair stands out from the other pieces of furniture: this rush seat and beechwood frame chair later became an icon of Magistretti's designs.


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project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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