Nuvola Rossa

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"'Less is more' wrote Mies van der Rohe. Always less and always more. A simple, ordinary object but not only a game, rather a reasoning."

Nuvola Rossa is the design outcome of a reflection dating back to several projects of 1946, which included a low-cost bookcase based on the mechanism of a step-ladder placed against a wall in order to reduce the traditional structural elements. When closed, Nuvola Rossa looks like a step-ladder while when it is open it reminiscent of an Indian tent.

This design reveals at least two typical concepts of the Magistretti method: on the one hand, the decorative element simulates, on a different scale, the functioning of an architectural structure and, not to be overlooked, in this project, it is precisely the structure that dictates the final shape of the object, a sort of reference to the "structure through shape" already applied in other projects.

The bookcase, "as foldable as a deckchair", in steam-treated beech, natural or ebonised, replaces the traditional side supports of bookcases with cross struts that become the load-bearing structure for the shelves. Produced by Cassina in 1997, it is still in production today.

technical data

Beech. Steam-treated beech in natural, white and Canaletto black

cm. 192 x 100 x 39,5

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project profile by Rosa Chiesa