National Competition for the outline plan of the new complex of the Fair of the Sea, Taranto

1948 - 1948

Segreteria Generale del Concorso Fiera del Mare

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The (unbuilt) project is part of the proposal submitted by Magistretti when he participated in the initial competition for the construction of the new venue of the Fair of the Sea in Taranto, to be built in the Montegranaro neighbourhood.

The fan-shaped plan revolves around the main building: a pentagonal volume with the Congress Centre raised off the ground thanks to an entrance portico-base.

All the other spaces of the fair envisaged by the contract notice were designed around this building; they include storerooms, offices and a single-story pavilion illuminated by skylights along the single pitch roof.

A sort of urban sculpture acts as a perspective backdrop; the sculpture recalls the shape of the cranes used to load and unload the ships in port.

project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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