"Hotel Portovenere", Portovenere

2003 - 2004

Ingegner Sanguineri

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The (unbuilt) project involved the construction of a hotel in Portovenere; its fan-shaped plan, centred around the road to the lot, has a glass canopy over the driveway entrance. The four, partially terraced floors of the hotel are situated below this entrance - the only element visible from the street due to the natural lie of the land. In the plan, each of the bedrooms occupies one of the 'wedges' of the fan-shaped plan.

The rooms with balconies are arranged around a curvilinear landing; they all face the sea thanks to big, full height scenic windows often positioned at the corners in order to increase the views. Although the rooms all differ in size, they have the same layout: the bathrooms and wardrobes are located next to the landing, isolating and ensuring privacy to the sleeping area.

Several technical drawings in the archive, reinterpretations of Vico Magistretti's design by the architect Massimo Valente, reveal several changes not envisaged by the Milanese maestro.

project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni