The Tosi Apartment in Via Visconti di Modrone, Milan

1948 - 1949

Tosi, Franco

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The restructuring of the Tosi apartment focused on the day area: the big glass wall fitted between this area and the hall ensured a long visual perspective to the dining area (this same design was used seven years later in the Di Marco apartment). The living and dining rooms were separated by a full height wall with small display cases and shelves.

The stairs in the hallway lead from the day area to the bedrooms (on the upper floor); Magistretti redesigned the parapet and the finishes, made in the same materials used for the finishing elements in the day area (in particular, the stone for the floors). By exploiting the niches in the pre-existing walls Magistretti designed two coat racks (visible) and a dressing area with a curved false ceiling.


project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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