Cleto Munari
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It has been said that Cleto Munari "created a sort of experimental workshop" around which several Italian designers came to work, distancing themselves from their customary line of work (Pasca, 2004). Vico Magistretti, one of the best interpreters of simplicity and elegance in design, cooperated with Cleto Munari in the creation of several objects: a set of flatware with unusual shapes justified by solid functional reasons; a set of wine glasses and a simple glass tray.

Among the 33 objects entirely made in Murano by Maestro Claudio Tiozzo, the collection of crystal wine glasses has an absolutely formal simplicity, featuring a second truncated cone-shaped chalice resting on the stem and on a classical sectioned flute. A tumbler, again in crystal glass, completes the collection.

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Glass. Crystal glass


Vico Magistretti, Cleto Munari, A tutto tondo, Lavis (TN), Arca edizioni 2004

project profile by Rosa Chiesa
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