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When speaking about the design of this chair, the designer used to say: "One of the points of departure was designing a chair that was different from the Maui, so as not to repeat the bulging sides of a ?shapely woman'. So, in this case, the shape of the sides ideally follows the outlines of a circle?in a certain sense, the line of the sides can continue until it almost completes the curve, as if it ideally followed the outline of a wheel, seen sideways." Correlated with the preceding Maui model in terms of the materials used, Nihau reinterprets the tribute paid to the Scandinavian designer Jacobsen, replacing the folded plastic sheet with curved plywood, in a synthetic effort that comes out in the flexible, light and elegant silhouette, also thanks to its delicate colours. The shape is sleek, lightly curvilinear and sinuous. The designer added: "It is a very simple shape that nonetheless requested a long development process, a continuous fine-tuning effort based on tiny adjustments?by looking and looking again?touching up the models, measuring the curves and profiles with a naked eye?".

technical data

Chromed steel frame, seat in mass-coloured polypropylene. White and black, dove-grey, hazelnut, orange, cornflower blue, light sage green, blue


Francesca Picchi, Variazioni sul tema, Domus 2005, 878, pp./nn. 94

project profile by Ali Filippini