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According to historian Daniele Baroni, in the Caledonia series Magistretti "conveys a further connotation to polyurethane sofas and armchairs to the point of identifying this line of products with an intelligent expression of comfort." The sofa and armchairs were at first manufactured with a vacuum-formed polyester frame fitted with a previously foamed backrest and armrest. The seat consisted of a cushion resting on the same structure so that the piece would meet the need for simplicity in producing pieces to be assembled. The moulded frame was later replaced with an iron one, upgraded through the inclusion of springs contained in a cloth. In this case too, the seat consisted of a cushion resting on the surface.

technical data

Polyester, metal


La nostra intervista con Maurizio Mazzucchelli, in Casa e Giardino 205, settembre 1991

Daniele Baroni, Ludovico Magistretti, Un'industria per il design: la ricerca, i designers, l'immagine B&B Italia, Milano, Edizioni Lybra Immagine 1982, pp./nn. 366

project profile by Ali Filippini
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