Acerbis 2017
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Morphos, a division of Acerbis International, has been active in doing research in the field of furnishing accessories since 1983 with the aim of proposing a new type of furniture or rediscover the value of pieces fallen in disuse. It was in this context that Vico Magistretti designed the Spiros coat rack n 1987, conceived through the intent to reduce it to its essential components starting from the classical broomstick that, in this case, is put to a new use. The central wooden pole to which the pegs - always in wood and always in a spiral - are attached, assumes the shape of a tree that was originally to be placed against a wall and later made with a self-supporting grey metal base. Originally in natural or matte black lacquered oak, it is still in production after its re-edition by Acerbis in 2017, in black, red, and bleached natural. Spiros is also displayed in the permanent collection of the Southwest Museum of Science and Technology in Dallas.

technical data

Oak. Natural or matte lacquered black

Ash. Natural, bleached, red, black (base and body)

Metal. Painted in micaceous grey (base for the version with self-standing support)

cm. 200 x 40

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project profile by Rosa Chiesa
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