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This is the first documented design project published on a magazine (Domus 209 of 1946: "Scaffale per libri"). It was displayed both at the RIMA exhibition and in the furniture expo at the 8th edition of the Triennale. The piece of furniture, reduced to its simplest form, was designed to be an easy do-it-yourself structure. It consists of 4 fir vertical supports with holes drilled every 12 cm; two H-shaped elements joined to the vertical supports by screws, and 6 fir shelves. The shelf support consists of a piece of an 8 mm rod clad by two segments of rubber tube, one of which serves as the shelf support and the other, which is easily removable, to fix the support to the structure. At the time, the total cost of the bookcase, including the shelves and the support elements, amounted to roughly 3000 Lire.

technical data

Fir, steel rod, rubber tube

cm. 216 x 93 x 26

"Scaffale per libri", Domus 1946, 209, pp./nn. 18

project profile by Ali Filippini