Vico Magistretti

Mario Tedeschi

Omikron design 1999, Nemo 2015
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The NAME Claritas means clearness and luminosity. This significant design project arose in a specific climate, that of the 8th edition of the Triennale di Milano, by consciously tackling the theme of reconstruction as a social issue. The appeal called on architects to pit themselves against the problem of the reconversion of the arms industry and was interpreted by Magistretti and Tedeschi by only using tubes and curved metal sheets. The structural precursor was the Mitragliera lamp produced between 1938 and 1940 by Franco Albini, from which it nonetheless distanced itself through a set of innovative and functional ideas: the lamp's multifunctional clasp, with a range of separate movable elements; the height that can be adjusted and tilted by approximately 30°, thus making it suitable as a desk lamp and as a lamp for a room. The swivel/rotating and adjustable reflector emits an anti-glare light to work under or indirect light. For the first time, Magistretti uses a curved piece/sheet of aluminium as the reflector, thus breaking away from the conventional idea of pressed lightshade. The first units - called P.M.T. - were probably manufactured using Arredoluce as contracting company. In 1999 is was re-edited by Omikron design (Nemo) with dimensions different from the original.

technical data

Brass, aluminium


cm 130.7 x 42.5 x 47 cm

re-edition cm 164 x 50 x 47

awards, acknowledgements, etc.

Displayed at the 30th Milan Trade Fair in 1953 and In 1960 at the 12th Triennale


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project profile by Ali Filippini