Fritz Hansen
Acer Design 2009 (con il nome Vico Uno)
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During these years, Magistretti's research was marked by his cooperation with the Danish manufacturer, characterized by the balance between modernity and tradition, and by deliberately taking a distance from exasperated Postmodern aestheticisms in an effort to develop serial, rational (also in terms of cost reduction) and simple solutions, seamlessly suitable both for the home and for the workplace.

The third of the chairs designed for Fritz Hansen consists of a steel tube structure, with the seat in laminate veneered in various wood essences or in white melamine and the backrest in a synthetic material.

This chair was designed to be used in different contexts, from the home to the office - as Magistretti did not believe that there was furniture exclusively for the home and furnishings exclusively for the workplace - is stackable and can be accessorized with different elements ranging from a seat cushion and hooks to create whole rows of interconnected chairs.

Essential and versatile, VicoSolo is characterized by two black "eyes", which are the heads of the bolts that connect the seat to the frame. Defined as a mix of sobriety, functionality, utility and beauty, as the other two chairs produced by Fritz Hansen on the design by Vico Magistretti, in Italy it was distributed by MC Selvini.


technical data

Steel tube. Legs

Veneered laminate. Birch, cherry, maple, beech (seat)

Melamine. White, grey

Synthetic material. Backrest

73 x 50 x 50

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project profile by Rosa Chiesa