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Silver is a spin-off of Chair 811, designed in wood by Marcel Breuer for Thonet in 1925; in this case, the wood is replaced by an arc-welded aluminium tube fitted with a square-hole patterned polypropylene sheet ("as I saw them in the egg baskets in markets in Tokyo") for the seat and back. The chair, whose construction technology makes it suitable for mass production, generated a full-fledge seating system that includes a beam-mounted version and versions finished for outdoor use. Conceived to be used in the household but also in the office and for the contract sector, the Silver family not only features structural differences (with or without armrests or wheels) but also a range of aesthetic variations (glossy, painted or glazed brushed aluminium) with the backrest and seat in different colours. One version can be expanded with up to six units. One of the options envisages the possibility of attaching a cotton polyurethane foam cushion to the seat by means of pressure-screwed buttons. A few years later, from the morphological point of view, the Silver design would be re-edited with the family of Maui chairs.

technical data

Aluminium, polypropylene. Glossy or glazed anodized aluminium (frame); dove-grey, white, grey, blue, orange, black (seat)

cm. 80 x 51,5 x 44

Silver with armrests: 61 x 47 x 80 cm H

Silver with swivelling casters: without armrests 51x51x80-86; with armrests 61x51x80-86

Silver beam-mounted: 45 or 60 cm (armrests) x 50 x 78 H; width of the beam113; length 186/246/306 or 162/216/270


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project profile by Ali Filippini