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A "sophisticated" kitchen due to its carefully defined aesthetic aspects but also to its "traditional" modularity. The elegant finishing and exclusive materials are those normally used in living-room furniture: solid and essence of beechwood or screen-printed glass doors, steel worktops and back supports, light diecast alloys with satin chrome-finished handles. The worktops are presented in a new stainless-steel surface option with a new rice-grain finishing in addition to post-formed laminate, solid beechwood listels and black Carrara marble or granite. The back supports are again in rice-grain stainless steel, with a natural anodized aluminium finishing, on which are mounted beechwood shelves to create an open-shelf wall system. A group of special double-sided beech and screen-printed wall cabinets, mounted on an ad hoc natural anodized aluminium support structure, create a pleasant interplay of light and transparencies. Special little drawers, fitted with labels indicating the contents, are manufactured with a front plate painted grey or with a grey-painted frame enclosing a transparent glass pane. Other accessories are the natural anodized aluminium under cabinet shelves accommodating chopping board, rolling pin, ladle holder, etc. and the natural anodized aluminium light bars that run horizontally along the lower edge of the cabinet making any operation in the kitchen easier.

"It's a bit like the old-fashioned cabinets," Magistretti used to explain, "with this semi-transparent see-through upper door. The chequered pattern also serves to hide the frame that lies behind so that it looks light from the front. It is a highly versatile kitchen that is available according to individual tastes, with the doors in wood or glass, but also an open kitchen with the possibility of exploiting the part above the worktop that is the highest. A characteristic feature is the design of the handle, which is very robust. Another is the range hood, which is essential in the kitchen: so, by making it big, I thought of giving it a semi-circular shape that also projects an image." (Silvia Giani, "Attualissima, calda e funzionale: la più firmata", in Casa Amica, n. 10, 12 November 1990)

technical data

Aluminium, solid beech wood, tempered glass

project profile by Ali Filippini