Santa&Cole 2004-2011
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The Caori coffee table, produced by Gavina in 1962, is an emblematic example of design based on the idea that reducing and simplifying the design is never to the detriment of functionality. The structure of the table is in black- or white-lacquered wood and features a body with a central opening for bottles or disks, two lateral drawers and two side spaces fitted with pull-down doors. The top is in satin-finished stainless steel and has a central opening with a door that closes with a damping system. Caori was placed back into production by Santa & Cole in 2004, entrusting Dino Gavina with the task of coordinating a small series of products designed between the ?50s and ?60s by several masters of design (Vico Magistretti, Ignazio Gardella, Kazuhide Takahama). It remained in their catalogue until 2011.

technical data

Wood. White- black-lacquered wood

Stainless steel. Glazed (for the table top)

cm. 40 x 128 x 96
project profile by Rosa Chiesa
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