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A two-seater sofa that, with a simple movement, pushes the backrest back and becomes a comfortable chaise longue or bed. The 15 cm high spring mattress is split in two in the part that rests on the base while it is in a single piece where the body rests. The structure is in anodized aluminium with a slatted base. The upholstery is completely removable and, similarly to that of the Nathalie model, it is made in the fabrics of the Flou collection. This sofa is part of the collection ?I trasformabili' ("Transformables"): beds designed not only to sleep in but also to read, watch television, write or work. In the advertising literature it was described as: "Beds that can also double for comfortable seating which, when required, can "hide" and become a key element in the furnishing of a room."

technical data

Anodized aluminium, fabric, wood

project profile by Ali Filippini