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A set of twin beds, the second of which (Spigoletto 2) is the removable cover version of the first (Spigoletto 1). The bed base and headboard of Spigoletto 1 are in solid cherrywood characterised by a headboard in sunshade-shaped slats supported at the back by two steel leaf springs covered in leather. The folding slatted orthopaedic base is completely demountable. The sunshade-shaped headboard is similar to the back of a bench and was developed to exploit the elasticity of wood slats in order to provide a comfortable back support. In Spigoletto 2, the base is in wood upholstered with a removable cover. The 22cm-high front feet are also in American cherrywood. The base has the same characteristics as Spigoletto 1, with the headboard attached to the base by means of two leather-covered steel leaf springs.

technical data

Solid wood, fabric. American cherrywood

project profile by Ali Filippini