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Vico Magistretti started designing for Artemide in 1965 with Demetrio, a set of furniture (tables, chairs, armchairs) in reinforced resin whose concept was based on the idea of the "resistance of shape".

It is generally said that plastic does not well withstand compression but, if accurately shaped, it can make a perfect support for chairs as is emblematically proven with the work done on the Selene chair.

As in other similar projects, Magistretti develops the project starting from the potential of the material and its technological consistency, avoiding formalisms but remaining loyal and coherent with the expressive options offered by the material used. Tessera is an assemblable table 72 cm high in reinforced resin whose circular top has a diameter of 120 cm and the column-shaped support ends with a flared base; in the Mezzatessera model, the height is reduced to 40 cm. The tables are made in GRP or Reglar indicating the "Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester" registered trademark and are produced by Artemide S.p.A.

technical data

GRP. White, dark brown, red and green

cm. 72

La forma della funzione, in Design Habitat, settembre 1973

Ottagono, Milano 1972, n. 26, pp./nn. 76

project profile by Rosa Chiesa