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"These pieces are just right", meaning that they are conceived to be produced exclusively with that material and that technology, as Magistretti claimed: "Whether the pieces are beautiful or not, as we say, is something that does not concern me." (Domus, 1970) The Vicario armchair, together with Gaudì, and other pieces produced in reinforced resin, is an evolution of the design of the Selene chair and is part of a set of items designed by Magistretti by exploiting the "resistance of shape", a way of giving rigidity to plastic materials through their geometric configuration, and a design concept already experimented in other projects in reinforced resin, one of the mechanically most resistant materials which makes it also suitable for outdoor use.

With the sinuously expressive Vicario, but also with Gaudì, Magistretti goes beyond the idea of the plastic chair that changes the archetypical shape of the wooden or metal chair but solves, in a single pressing process, the problem of creating a plastic chair that, thanks to the configuration of the legs, avoids resorting to closed supports that would necessarily require a considerable thickness and diameter to resist stress.

technical data

GRP. White, dark brown, red, green, grey, orange

cm. 68 x 65 x 72
project profile by Rosa Chiesa