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Historian Daniele Baroni wrote: "All the research that he did on materials, on woods, was always inspired by objects from a more or less recent past, by the traditional piano to the super-refined instruments made by the Stradivari family." This applies to this series of tables, in which different size requirements correspond to a different design of the composition of the panels of the table top and of the legs, as they were conceived with the intention of using lacquered wood reminiscent of the Steinway Astrakhan of pianos, to the extent that they were to be autographed by using pyrography. At the time, the lacquered tops were produced in small dimensions, obliging the designer to study their composition using junctures. The panels placed on a fir frame form a pattern of squares interspersed with lacquered bands in contrast with the natural material. The idea of the large fissure at the centre suggested the design of the Coda model following in the wake of the Open series of tables.

technical data

Fir wood. Lacquered, colours (Rolls Royce green, Steinway Astrakhan black)


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