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Presented at the Triennale di Milano, this series of hinged upholstered panels came into production in 1973. The idea explored the possibility of combining and configuring various elements, easy to assemble and disassemble, which were the fruit of a simple research to reduce the volume for ease of assembly and transport. The initial solution for the panels joined together by hinges and metal expanders was to use a multi-layered plywood, based on the varnished plywood finishing of boats, but later it was decided to use a very thick layered moulded laminated plastic. The Open system offers great flexibility thanks to the simple blocking system of the various elements which makes it possible to change their arrangement. All the upholstered parts are joined to the panels with a practical automatic fastening system and are removable and therefore replaceable. The cushions are vacuum-packed and dilate only after they are taken out of the packaging, as was also done with the system experimented with Gaetano Pesce's Up armchair.

technical data

Laminate, polyurethane


V. Magistretti, Appunti su sedia Open per B&B, 1973

Daniele Baroni, Ludovico Magistretti, Un'industria per il design: la ricerca, i designers, l'immagine B&B Italia, Milano, Edizioni Lybra Immagine 1982, pp./nn. 368

project profile by Ali Filippini
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