1977 - 1989
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The design of the Porsenna lamp does not only concern the development of its component parts, but also involves the detailed assembly process that goes into the final composition of the lamp. Produced in 1977 by Artemide, the table version is made with a white-painted metal component that serves as the support both for mounting the diffuser and for the lightbulb (through a fastening ring nut) as also used in Troco and Armilla. The diffuser, an opalescent polythene sheet, is curved and stretched by two rods diagonally fixed to the ends of the metal support. In the wall-mounted model, after fixing the box with the bulb socket to the wall, the diffuser is mounted by using two rods to stretch the shade as is done with the table model.

technical data

Metal. White-painted crackled metal

Polythene. Opalescent polythene (for diffuser)


wall-mounted: 29 x 25 cm H; table lamp: 29 x 48 H


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project profile by Rosa Chiesa