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This is another object in the designer's production that was designed with a single graphic sign. In the table lamp (model 279), the frame consists of a C-shaped black-painted steel tube that serves as a base and from which emerges a vertically tilted stem. The reflector too is directable by means of a special handle and consists of a metal sheet cylinder cut so as to let out the light and diffuse heat. The electric cord came out of the side of the reflector and was fixed onto the stem with two black silicon O-rings. Later, at the beginning of the ?90s, the 289 halogen model was launched presenting two different tubular sections at the base, with the cable coming out of the base. The packaging included a simple clasp that made it possible to position Slalom on the wall as a night-time reading lamp.

technical data

Aluminium, steel. Body white, black; reflector in white, red, yellow


awards, acknowledgements, etc.

Since 1983 it is in the permanent collection of the "Neue Sammlung" in Munich and since 1990 in the permanent collection of the "Museum für Angewandte Kunst" of Cologne. In 1984 selected for Compasso d'Oro ADI.


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project profile by Ali Filippini