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This family of lamps is characterised by a methacrylate double diffuser connected to the frame with special metal nubs. The table model (270) consisted of a glazed brass frame (with nubs in the same material) or in black- or white-painted metal (with invariably black screws) and was characterised by the stem which was designed to spiral to become the base, which let out the electric cord, invariably black in all the models, from the bottom. The floor model (370) has the same characteristics but its base diameter is of 40 cm and its height is of 145 cm. The suspension model (470) only consisted of the methacrylate diffusers internally sustained by a curved painted metal or glazed brass structure. Later, the lamp was simplified into a sconce (170) with a single diffuser, which could be mounted with the wider opening looking upwards or downwards, and still kept the characteristic little metal nubs that fixed the diffuser to the frame.

technical data

Methacrylate, metal, brass. Opaline or two-toned, green outside and white inside


Melilla 270: base ø cm 27, H 58, width 50 cm

Melilla 370: base ø cm 40, H 145, width 50 cm

Melilla 170: H 25 cm, protrusion 25 cm, width 50 cm

Melilla 470: H 25 cm, length 50 cm, width 48

project profile by Ali Filippini