1977 - 1983
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Ekon was a table lamp with clamp designed for work stations featuring a white-eNAMElled tube-shaped metal reflector closed at the back end to host the ballast incorporating two tubular fluorescent lamps, one of which is directed downwards and the other upwards (with the methacrylate protection mandatory in the upward-looking lamp and optional in the downward-looking one). The reflector was swivelling. Catalogues described this patented lighting system as "more light with less consumption". In fact, traditional office lighting systems included a ceiling source of light that evenly distributed light over the whole office area, which created a waste of energy because it uniformly also lit up areas that did not require the same intensity. This lamp solves the problem, casting indirect light towards the ceiling and direct light on the work table, thus providing the correct intensity of light while eliminating the costly false ceiling lighting system.

project profile by Ali Filippini