"Il Roccolo", Arenzano

1962 - 1963

CEMADIS s.p.a. (Centri Marittimi di Soggiorno)

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The project involved the construction of a complex system of row houses to be built in the Roccolo locality close to the much bigger project envisaged for the Arenzano Pine Grove. These single-family houses are part of a block with a curvilinear design due to the characteristics of the terrain; all the houses have seafront terraces. Most of the housing units, accessed from the street, have small porticoes; the main rooms in each of the apartments, all different in size, are positioned under porticoes. Common seafront paths with curved projecting steps run between the houses. Magistretti chose a rather unique finishing for the façade: a dark plaster reminiscent not only of the Case Rosse of Framura, but also of several projects in Milan, e.g., the house in Piazza San Marco which probably also inspired the solution used for the parapets of the walkways and terraces.


V. Magistretti, Relazione di progetto, Il Roccolo, Arenzano, 1962-64

Vico Magistretti, il Roccolo, progetto per un complesso residenziale nella pineta di Arenzano, in Casabella-Continuità 284, 1964, pp. 27-30

project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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