Church, Campana (Argentina)

1963 - 1963


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Magistretti was commissioned this (unbuilt) project for the church in Campana by the Techint company; it was part of a much bigger urbanisation plan for the Argentine city, but in fact only a small part of the plan was implemented: the construction of the Dalmine Hotel.

The rhomboidal religious building, with its sleek bell tower, was to stand as a landmark in the square of a civic centre. The plan type is reminiscent of the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Snow in Ravello (Rescaldina); they share the same central plan externally reflecting the lack of a proper main façade, with an entrance at the corner of the crossroads between two of the façades.

The most characteristic element of the church was, however, Magistretti's decision to design a roof over the church using polygonal or triangular sails, supported by four central columns and left exposed inside the church.


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project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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