Church of the Madonna of the Snow, Ravello di Rescaldina

1957 - 1959
1957 - 1959
Impresa Teodoro De Servi

Curia Arcivescovile di Milano

manufacturing technology

Roof: pitched roof, with wooden framework and copper sheeting

Façade: rustic plaster

Load-bearing structure: steel columns, portico

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The design of the Church of the Madonna of the Snow in Ravello is the second project Magistretti built in Rescaldina after the construction of the recreational centre (1954 -1956) built by the contractor - the De Servi family - now commissioned the construction of the church.

The central plan is similar to an irregular octagon; it has a pitched roof stretching outwards to create a portico running around the whole building and leading to the sacristy area and caretaker's house. Magistretti had already adopted a central plan for the Church of Santa Maria Nascente in the QT8 neighbourhood. This design, however, has a different layout: his goal was to create a seamless relationship between interior and exterior instead of isolating the church behind its parvis. This decision was probably prompted by the unfortunate position of the lot (on the corner between two streets) which forced Magistretti to give up the idea of building a main façade.


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project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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