Credito Varesino Bank, Tradate


Credito Varesino

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The unrealised project of the Credito Varesino Bank in Tradate is just one of the buildings Magistretti designed during his long collaboration with the bank; the most famous is the bank in Solbiate.

The building should have been a small block with its main façade along Corso Bernacchi. Only a few images remain in the archive: two undated drawings, even if the project was probably executed in the mid-fifties (like all the others designed for the same client).

There are considerable differences between these drawings and the built architecture: the elevations are embellished by an interesting alternance between solids and voids, with traditional windows and openings in what appears to be reinforced concrete glass; however this subtle stylistic pattern almost completely disappears in the built volume. The bipartition of the façades still remains clearly visible, but does not correspond to the internal layout of the three floors above ground and the basement.


project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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