Locanda dell'Angelo, Ameglia

1973 - 1975
1973 - 1975

Paracucchi, Angelo

manufacturing technology

Windows: wood, painted white

Load-bearing structure: reinforced concrete and brick

Façade: white chalk plaster

Roof: brick pitched roof

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The building commissioned by Angelo Paracucchi is located in a rural area near Sarzana. Designed as a restaurant and hotel, the building has four floors (three above ground) arranged in a L-shaped plan around an outdoor courtyard. The hall, bar, restaurant, kitchen, and administrative offices are on the ground floor, immediately in front of the hotel rooms located in the ground floor wing of the complex. Other guest bedrooms are situated above the restaurant and hall, while the staff quarters are located in the sub-basement together with other public spaces used as meeting rooms. These rooms are naturally ventilated thanks to grilles in the courtyard paving.

The main characteristic of the locanda is the very steep, brick pitched roof over the main building, rising for two floors and visually dominating the base of the building; the latter is designed as a seamless sequence of full height French windows recessed from the line of enormous cylindrical pilasters. The composition is broken by a soaring prism housing the enormous fireplace, plastered like the parallelepiped windowless volume towards the courtyard.


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project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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