INA-Casa Houses, Piacenza

1949 - 1951

Vico Magistretti


Mario Tevarotto (co-autore)

Carlo Pagani (co-autore)

Vittorio Gandolfi (co-autore)



manufacturing technology

Windows: painted wood

Load-bearing structure: load-bearing walls

Façade: rustic plaster

Roof: single pitch, with tiles; double pitch, with tiles

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The building - a single, five story block above ground - was designed together with Gandolfi, Tevarotto and Pagani as part of the INA-Casa plan. During that period Magistretti was working on a building in the Via Duca d'Aosta neighbourhood in Somma Lombardo (1951), also part of the INA-Casa plan.

Given the type of client, the architects worked to provide the best solution while using extremely simple materials and techniques. They came up with this linear building type: load-bearing masonry, plaster for the walls, and wood frame windows for a plan-type in which five different apartments (with the same surface area, but different layouts) were accessed by a single staircase. The unique feature of these apartments was the loggia positioned between two partition walls and accessed from the bedroom, not the living room; the loggias dynamized the south front of the building.

The basement was used as cellars or storerooms; the roof had a mix of single and double pitch tiled roofs.


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project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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