INA-Casa Houses, Morbegno



manufacturing technology

Façade: rustic plaster

Roof: pitched tiled roof

Load-bearing structure: beams and piers in reinforced concrete

Windows: painted wood

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The project involved the construction of two small INA-Casa apartment blocks in Morbegno, along the Stelvio road; the blocks are identified as type "A" and type "B".

The plan of each building was designed by placing two slightly staggered squares side by side; the buildings share the same staircase that acts as a hinge, leading in one case to the two above ground floors of one building, and to the three above ground floors of the other building. The blocks with type A plans have two apartments on each floor; each apartment has a big living room with a small kitchen and two small bedrooms with specular entrances compared to the distribution axis of the stairs. Although the entrances are specular and the apartments have the same number of bedrooms (two per apartment), their floor plans differ. The entrances to the type B plans are instead located along different fronts of the shared staircase and have different planimetric layouts (a two-room and three-room apartment on each floor). The perimeter walls inclined by 30° compared to the orthogonality of the plan itself are the only common elements.

project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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