Casa Vanelo, Marina di Massa

1980 - 1982
1980 - 1982

Famiglia Vanelo

manufacturing technology

Windows: wood, painted white

Façade: fresh plaster

Roof: pitched roof, copper sheets for the roof of the towers: pyramid-shaped skylight

Load-bearing structure: beams and piers in reinforced concrete

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The villa for the Vanelo family in Marina di Massa was built by Magistretti in the early eighties.

Its very symmetric volume has four corner towers grouped around a centre room with a pyramid-shaped skylight. Each of the side volumes has two floors: on the upper floor of each tower there is a bedroom with private bathroom while the lower floor is part of a single, seamless living room overlooking the garden with low concrete walls that create its rhythm.

Every room as a loggia.

A flight of steps at the corner of one of the towers leads to the entrance to the house; all the towers have the same white, fresh plaster finish and a tall copper chimney (the same material used for the roofs).

project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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