Casa Tosi, Busto Arsizio

1951 - 1952
1952 - 1953

Tosi, Franco

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The project was commissioned by Franco Tosi together with the apartment in Via Visconti di Mondrone in Milan and the offices of the homonymous institute in Via Settala. It involved the restructuring of an old four-floor villa with a small tower.

Magistretti focused on preserving the villa; he concentrated in particular on redesigning the doors, windows and floors (for which he envisaged the use of different pieces of marble) and modifying the floor plan by inserting fixed structures and furnishings of his own design. The latter include a fireplace and the walls of the antechamber of the master bedroom, furnished like a dressing room with shelves and curved made-to-measure coat hangers.

He paid special attention to the redesign of the stairs and railing, as well as to the electrical system on the ground floor where he used lamps he himself had designed.

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Enlargement and redesign of the interior.

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