Casa Magistretti, St. Barts (French West Indies)

2003 - 2004

Magistretti, Philippe

manufacturing technology

Load-bearing structure: beams and piers in reinforced concrete

Roof: pitched roof with brick tiles; flat terrace roof

Windows: wood, painted white, with shutters$element : façade: white plaster

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The villa commissioned by Philippe Magistretti stands on a rocky terrain, surrounded on all sides by vegetation that acts as a backdrop to the house. Its two floors above ground are positioned around an internal courtyard to form a sort of "C" shape, facing the sea and preceded by a portico in front of the entrance. Once across the threshold, the big living room connects the two wings of the house: the kitchen and facilities are located in one ground floor wing, while the master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and wardrobe are located in the other. The other suite, situated on the upper floor, has private facilities and a huge terrace overlooking the sea.

The simple architectural style of the house - white plaster walls, a brick pitched roof, and painted wooden windows with shutters - enhances the luscious vegetation of the surrounding landscape.

project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni