Casa Magistretti, Épalinges (Switzerland)

2006 - 2010

Paolo (geometra) Imperatori (progetto esecutivo)

Michel Genillod (progetto esecutivo e direzione lavori)

Eric Freymond (progettista del verde)


Magistretti, Pierre

manufacturing technology

Roof: pitched roof; flat terrace roof

Load-bearing structure: beams and piers in reinforced concrete$element : façade: white plaster

Windows: white metal, with sliding shutters

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The villa was built in the Lausanne neighbourhood for the architect Pierre Magistretti (his brother Max's son). It has two floors above ground: the main floor, at ground level, includes the day area and master bedroom; the second floor, also used as a sleeping area, is divided into two separate volumes and can be reached by two independent pathways which, however, both pass through a big terrace.

The very simple volume, with a pitched roof system, has a series of big windows with external sliding shutters. The floor plan is instead more multifaceted: the functional areas open into one another. Several details, such as the shaped wall around the living room, make this solution reminiscent, for example, of Casa Muggia at Barzana and Casa Arioso at Arenzano.

It was one of the last works initiated Magistretti and was completed only after his death.


A. Foppiano, Una pietra semplicemente appoggiata, in Abitare 514, luglio agosto 2011

project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni