Casa Fossati, Arenzano


Fossati (famiglia)

manufacturing technology

Roof: pitched slate slab roof

Load-bearing structure: beams and piers in reinforced concrete

Windows: wood, with shutters

Façade: white plaster

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The three-floor design of Villa Fossati, built in the Arenzano pine grove, was inspired by the fact it rests on a natural hillside. The first sub-basement floor is at the level of the road and includes a garage and secondary rooms (storeroom, wash room, and a room for the technical systems). The second main floor, one level up, can be accessed by a pedestrian path; it includes the day area and two bedrooms (the master bedroom and the guest bedroom). The third floor is a small attic with two bedrooms for the owner's children. Each floor has a different layout which, all together, creates a rather complex volume despite the apparent simplicity of the house when viewed from the exterior.

The plastered façades have numerous French windows with wooden shutters, all following on closely from one another; they provide access to the terraces, with their chequered paving, and to the garden. In observance with Ligurian tradition, the house has a pitched slate roof; here again, Magistretti pays homage to the genius loci.

project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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