Casa Bianchi at Selva di Ghiffa, Ghiffa

1961 - 1963
1961 - 1963

Famiglia Bianchi

manufacturing technology

Windows: wood

Façade: glazed white plaster

Roof: pitched, with copper sheeting

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The house - a contemporary interpretation of the building type of many villas along Lake Maggiore - is located in the hamlet of Selva a Ghiffa (Verbania); it stands on a terraced area facing the lakeside, below the level of the access road.

The curbed walls of its L-shaped plan delimit several of the outer and inner areas of the house (e.g., the staircase); only the bedrooms face the houses in the nearby hamlet.

The main horizontal façade facing the lake is dynamized by a spacious wooden terrace, and wood has also been used for all the screening devices in front of the windows.

Since Magistretti wanted to 'anchor' the house to its surroundings, a modest group of single-family houses, he chose very simple materials (e.g., glazed white plaster for the façades), with one exception: the copper sheeting on the single pitched roof which, just where the embankment juts out over the water, creates a barrel vault.

In his drawings of the interior Magistretti focused in particular on the fireplace, the protagonist of many of the sketches housed in the archive.


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project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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