The "Il Roccolo" House, Ello

1960 - 1962
1960 - 1962

Anselmo (ingegnere) Gaffuri (progetto delle strutture)


Famiglia Schubert

manufacturing technology

Windows: Douglas fir

Load-bearing structure: beams and reinforced concrete piers

Façade: white plaster with a rough trowel finish

Roof: single-pitched roof, with copper sheet tiles and a radial pattern

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Villa "Il Roccolo" owes its name to the homonymous location in the municipality of Ello; it stands in a dominant, isolated locality in the Brianza countryside around Lecco.

The unusual lie of the land inspired Magistretti to adopt a fan-shaped layout providing panoramic views; the plan is reminiscent not only of the designs of many Lombard villas (Casa Bassetti at Azzate and Casa Muggia at Barzana), but also of buildings used for many other purposes, e.g., the Club House at the Golf Club Carimate or the Cusano Town Hall. These works "highlight the staggered volumes of the interiors, all visible from the outside" (Domus, 1963, p. 7).

The complex external volume is reflected in the multifaceted division of the interior revolving around a double height living room; the wings that branch off from the living room are designed as the bathrooms and the sleeping area. Access is through a huge hallway facing the roccolo which instead is perfectly horizontal, broken only by the vertical volume of a cylindrical chimney.

A garage and the apartments for guests and the custodian are located on the lower floor; the family rooms, with irregular verandas and terraces providing independent access to the bedrooms, are instead situated on the first floor.

project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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