The Rosenberg Apartment in Piazza Castello, Milan

1948 - 1949

Rosenberg Colorni (famiglia)

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This project involved the partial restructuring of the hall, living-dining room, guest bathroom and a furnished between space of an elegant apartment located in a prestigious condominium at n. 28 Piazza Castello. The design focuses primarily on two fireplaces, one of which is a full height fireplace partially dividing the living and dining areas. Divided into two modules, the fireplace has a exposed brick base, internally covered in Beola stone, and a very narrow brass-plated side niche. The thin mantel stretches to the corner of the wall, creating an ostensibly horizontal pattern.

Magistretti concentrates on the design of a slightly concave painted plywood wall for the ante-bathroom; here he inserts hidden, upward facing lamps that create discreet, diffuse light.

Instead he envisaged customised, downward facing wall lamps for the day area, placed behind curved, cherrywood-coated, plywood structures.

project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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