The Magnani Apartment in Viale Majno, Milan


Magnani (famiglia)

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The project for the apartment in Viale Majno involved a redesign of several rooms in the day area and the anteroom of the master bedroom. Magistretti reduced structural work to a minimum; the two different designs he proposed differed primarily in the solution to separate the bedroom from the living room. In version "A", an unexpected curve is filled by a made-to-measure sofa, while in solution "B" the partition wall is slightly curved, broadening the view towards the windows and conversation area. The two versions also differ as regards the partitions designed to ensure enough privacy to the small studio leading to the dining room which can be isolated thanks to a system of sliding curtains.

The rest of the archival material focuses on the detailed design of the furniture as well as customised solutions for the painted pine wood library as well as for the doors and windows and, in particular, for the wardrobe in the anteroom of the master bedroom which was turned into a walk-in closet.

project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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