The Fasoli Apartment in Via Visconte di Modrone, Milan


Fasoli (famiglia)

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The project involved the restructuring of the day area of an elegant apartment; although Magistretti designed three different versions they all envisaged the demolition of the partition walls between the living room, studio, and dining room. He turned them into a seamless space thereby enhancing their opening onto a spacious terrace which became the perspective backdrop of the new room.

Another common feature was the coordinated corner sofa seating along one of the outer walls of the studio. The big, full height bookcases next to the sofa were built in white walnut with load-bearing beech elements; the main characteristic of beechwood is its flexibility. If required, the shelves can be adjusted to any required height thanks to the slots in the vertical side elements.

The dining room has a round 8-seater table and a custom-designed buffet.

project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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