The Brioschi Apartment in Via Carducci, Milan

1951 - 1952

Brioschi (famiglia)

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Work on the Brioschi apartment focused primarily on a few interventions to improve the use of several 'between' spaces (where Magistretti designed big, made-to-measure cupboards), and the living room; here only part of a partition wall was demolished and replaced by a bridge-structure with spacious bookshelves and box elements combined to form a single unit. The fireplace was also redesigned; its continuous black metal frame, rounded at the corners, contrasts with the thin stone hearth of the entire structure. The unique fireplace solution made it the undisputed protagonist of the living room, not least because a decision was taken to place it in the middle of the new partition between the living and dining rooms.

project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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