The Bordogna Apartment in Via Borgonuovo, Milan


Bordogna, Tullio

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The project commissioned by Tullio Bordogna involved restructuring an elegant apartment; the hall and living area were redesigned by Magistretti.

The project envisaged the demolition of most of the partition walls to create more spacious, visually connected rooms, in some cases separated by big glass doors and windows. Fireplaces often played a key role in the internal redesigns undertaken during that period, and was frequently used as a dividing element between the living and dining rooms.

Apart from the bigger areas where the hosts received their guests, smaller spaces were used for informal gatherings and as places where the family could relax. These were furnished with a modern mix of antique and custom-made furniture: bookcases, chairs, tables, and a unique brass coat hanger that also acted as a screen to partially hide the entrance to the private part of the apartment.

project profile by Maria Manuela Leoni
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